Floating video screen on Venice waterways.

The Venice Biennale is always an intriguing showcase of art, advertising, film, and unique talents, but the latest opening act, a “video intervention” crosses the boundaries of art and advertising in a spellbinding way. Called “Commercial Break,” its in-your-face stream of advertising culture, but curated as art including more than 150 different artists’ expressions, videos, artwork, and ideas.

Created by Neville Wakefield, who’s well-known in the art world having contributed to publications such as British and Italian Vogue and Artforum, and powered by POST Magazine, which is interesting also as the 1st IPad-only magazine, in conjunction with Garage Projects, which does incredible installations, projects, and events based out of Moscow for artists, fashion players, and youth culture (they have an entire Kids Club Art series), has resulted in a rather historic installation.

Basically, Commercial Break is an intense interaction between the historical landscape and architecture of Venice, Italy, and the crossover of overt advertising (car ads, cell phones, etc.) and art with streaming sequences of video from artists ranging from Terence Koh to Ari Marcopoulous, flashing continuous on a giant floating video screen that navigates the waterways.

The showcase runs from June 1-5th for the opening of the 54th Venice Biennale, and is already reaching attention across the globe as images and video of the video installation in the water attracts attendees.

Here’s a clip: