The Sartorialist "Closer" book.

Inspirational books have just hit the market, and as usual, starting off this month in the Paris concept store Colette before hitting the mainstream, including the latest from street fashion photo blogger Scott Schuman, a.k.a. The Sartorialist and his latest book “The Closer,” and a compilation of Banksy street art by Gary Shove and Patrick Potter called “Banksy—You Are An Acceptable Level of Threat.”

Scott Schuman images from Closer.

First, using his popular blog The Sartorialist as his inspiration and foundation for source images, Schuman takes the best of street fashion from Seoul, London, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, and other cities to create this big-picture formatted book published by Penguin. This is sure to be a must-have item for design students heading back to school this Fall.

Latest Banksy book.

The latest collection of Banksy street art, painstakingly collected by Potter and Shove take one through a period of Banksy’s work from the late ‘90s to 2011 from Los Angeles to Lewisham to London to Bethlehem, among other locations. It’s an excellent take on just how this notorious street artist has used his creativity and mystery to elevate the genre in a rebellious fashion. Published by GingkoPress.

Saturdays NYC and their new surf mag-book.

One of the coolest NYC surf stores, Saturdays NYC, has decided to take a turn a producing a quarterly surf mag-book created by Morgan Collett, Josh Rosen, and Colin Tunstall. With inspiring images and in-depth interviews, it’s a bit like Surfer’s Journal, but from a different angle. Interviews include Mike D. Vincent Cassel, Kohei Chiba, with photos by the famous Art Brewer, Mark Hartman, and more top waterman of the sport.

In case you are not familiar with Saturdays they produce their own line of menswear that’s traditional, high-end, with surf-inspired ethos. Interestingly, Saturdays, which also serves their own coffee, has become a hang-out location in SoHo for artists, surfers, and others who like to catch-up and reflect on living in the heart of the Big Apple and talk about the joy of surfing.