Bread and Butter Berlin’s Grand Opening of the Super Show July 6, 2011. Photos courtesy of Bread and Butter.

Bread and Butter Berlin celebrated its 10th anniversary and kicked-off its Super Show in huge style on July 6th with a concert for attendees that rocked the city, featuring Mos Def and Deichkind, among others. Known as one of the leading fashion trade fairs in the world, Bread and Butter is often the high-mark for other trade shows to follow.

Running from July 6-8, the show which is located at the very cool Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, transforms into various distinct areas for specific types of streetwear and denim brands. The show attracts a Who’s-Who of leading-edge fashion players, as well as media, musicians, street artists, and others.

Movers and Shakers in Streetwear, Urbanwear, Denim: BBBUSINESS. f.l.t.r.: Michael Strehler (Levi’s), Marco G