Scenes from last year’s Bread & Butter Berlin summer show.

We’re glad to hear that Bread & Butter Berlin is back on track. This news just came in today from Berlin about the upcoming show July 7-9, 2015 at the Airport Berlin-Tempelhof, including their emphasis n Denim, Streetwear, and Urbanwear.

Here’s more:
On Friday, 17th April 2015, BREAD & BUTTER held a meeting with ca. 40 potential exhibitors at the Business Club of the former Airport Berlin-Tempelhof. The brands’ decision makers, as well as retail- and PR agencies were present.

Insolvency administrator Christian Graf Brockdorff and the representative of our landlord Tempelhof Projekt GmbH, Pascal Thirion, were also there.

The participants were informed of the further course of action. It was a very involved and factual exchange of views.

The result resp. the facts are as follows:
•    BREAD & BUTTER will definitely take place in July 2015.
•    The necessary financial means are at hand.
•    A new company, “BREAD & butter tradeshow GmbH & Co. KG”, was specially founded for the implementation of the summer event. This means that the upcoming event is held by a company that is very well equipped financially. No one pays into the insolvent BREAD & butter GmbH & Co. KG.
•    Payments from the exhibitors are booked onto an escrow account. This means that the payments are secured.
This was affirmed by Insolvency administrator Christian Graf Brockdorff in his speech: “Everyone can have this in writing at request! The company is being restructured and will soon be led out of insolvency.”
Berlin-Tempelhof remains BREAD & BUTTER’s home:
•    The rental contract is valid until 2019
•    After that, there is an option for further 10 years of lease.
•    BREAD & BUTTER will secure the location Berlin-Tempelhof for the “Modern Urban Lifestyle brands & labels”.
•    BREAD & BUTTER will stay in Berlin

Pascal Thirion declared in his speech: “The rental contract is valid, if BREAD & BUTTER meets its obligations. BREAD & BUTTER was pioneer and anchor tenant for the development of Berlin-Tempelhof as event location. In everyone’s best interest, Tempelhof  Projekt GmbH wishes for the continuation of BREAD & BUTTER – tradeshow for selected brands.”

Karl-Heinz Müller: “Now that all preconditions are given, we are working full power on the Summer event. Due to the insecurities surrounding BREAD & BUTTER resp. Berlin, many brands and labels have not yet decided. The BREAD & BUTTER team is intact and motivated.  We are dedicated.  120 exhibitors have accepted our “early bird rate”. This gives us assurance. Our focus is now on persuading our long term regular exhibitors and on acquiring new desired exhibitors. At the same time, we will now intensify our PR work with the relevant national and international trade press. The world has to know that we will return.

Further facts:
•    First, the hangars 5, 6 and 7 will be used. This means that in Summer 2015, BREAD & BUTTER will take place on ca. 20,000 sqm (see the hall layouts here).
•    BREAD & BUTTER is Denim, Street- and Urbanwear. This is our focus and statement.  This is why there will be no concept, no assorting according to clusters in the halls. This is how today’s retail works. The buyer has to be presented with a new scenery, has to be able to go on a journey of discovery. This is the new development that we will account for with our tradeshow.
•    BREAD & BUTTER remains a tradeshow – for professionals only.
•    There will be a new online ticketing. The entry remains free.
•    Free unhindered entry is granted to ticket holders of the other events taking place during Berlin Fashion Week.
•    Bloggers and media representatives from all lifestyle areas, trade and consumer press alike, are explicitly wished for.
•    Industry representatives from peripheral areas, such as PR agencies, representatives from textile production, shop interior design, IT intelligence companies etc are welcome and granted free entry. The 500 € ticket does no longer apply.
•    In the main hall (former Urban Base), BREAD & BUTTER STARTUP will take place. Right now, ca. 150 applications have been received. A creative playground also apart from fashion is planned. There will be a lot to discover here.
•    The BREAD & BUTTER Get Together will take place on the evening of 7th July 2015, thus after the first day of event, at Tempelhof.

Dates for the events in 2016:
BREAD & BUTTER – tradeshow for selected brands
Winter 2016: 19th-21st January 2016
Summer 2016: 5th- 7th July 2016
These dates were discussed and predominantly accepted by the persons present.
In the future, there will be an early seasonal meeting with our exhibitors in Berlin. This was always done in the past. The aim is an early voting with our exhibitors. Decisions resp. further courses of action will be voted for in the future. There will be no more solo actions. However, BREAD & BUTTER should not stand still.
Save the date: Thursday, 27th August 2015

Concluding statement:
Berlin is the only option for Modern Urban Lifestyle brands in Europe.

The worldwide unique location Berlin-Tempelhof has to be preserved.

Everyone still needs a strong, relevant platform, national as well as international, especially due to the extremely fast developments in the market.

A further fragmentation of the Berlin trade show landscape has to stop. The buyer has to know what he can expect where. Berlin as a fashion location should not be endangered any further.

Modern Urban Lifestyle is BREAD & BUTTER – BREAD & BUTTER is Modern Urban Lifestyle. This is what BREAD & BUTTER stands for. We have ourselves to this topic in the past 14 years and we will continue to stand for it in the future.  There is no real alternative.
BREAD & BUTTER is an internationally renown brand. We all built up this brand together.

Inspiration, energy & event, brand building & brand caring, this is “BREAD & BUTTER – tradeshow for selected brands “.

To conclude, I would like to thank all those who participated in the meeting. Let’s realize a cool tradeshow together. In the end, we all want to do good business. If there is fun involved on top, everyone of us is content. We are ready.

On this note, I remain with Best Regards from Berlin,

Karl-Heinz Müller