Near perfect toe-point in skate sneaks.

We are currently obsessing about this latest gem from a guy who goes by the name DevinSuperTramp (Devin Graham) and his amazing videography of a breakdancing troupe called Ensoul Collaboration on a wet, cold rooftop that looks like it’s filmed in the Pacific Northwest, to classical music composed by Stephen Anderson specifically for this piece.

The moody clouds and music written by his friend (including several other interesting videos) add to the character of this viral video which captures more than the beauty of the dance, and there is plenty: Check out the guy in all-white as he actually does a toe-point in skate shoes. The combination of elements here shows the crossover of ballet, urban dance, music, and sports.

To correspond with a previous story, you could ask, is break dancing an action sport? Quite possibly yes, and who are we to define, or anyone else for that matter.

Just watch and maybe you, too, might get inspired to dance on your own rooftop this week.