Photos by Olivia Jade Horner

Instead of heading for the Greyhound, now fashion players interested in top labels at significant discounts looking for something fun and interesting can check out Refinery29’s new 2,500 square-foot pop-up shop at the NYC Port Authority starting May 1, 2009.

Pop-up shops continue to offer unique concepts in creating energy and enthusiasm, not to mention often great designer clothing at discounted prices or other limited-edition concepts to consumers. This one called Save Fashion has an air of desperate measures like our economic climate with signs for the store and models on display in full DIY-mode created with masking tape, hand-written information, posters, and buttons. Taking fashion to a new level, it’s all mingled with a slew of top brands including Sophomore, A Peace Treaty, Alice Ritter, Boy/Band of Outsiders, Earnest Sewn, Wren, Madewell, Lyn Devon, and Steve Alan, among others.

We’re not quite sure how long this pop-up shop concept is going to be at the Greyhound station, but like any good pop-up, it won’t overstay its welcome. According to creators Refinery29, Save Fashion is intended to “restore the pure joy of shopping at a grassroots level, reminding consumers and designers alike that fashion is, was, and always will be fun.”