Record Album cover journals by 12 Inch Notes.

Our DIY generation has given way to an EIY movement whereby Earning It Yourself is at the basis of why more young people today are moving into crafting and appreciating the art of the handmade more than ever before. This isn’t about your grandma’s sewing but more about appreciating heritage, understanding that quality is more important than brand name, and adding a touch of humor, nostalgia, and personality to something of one’s own.

We’ve seen this trend growing from street artists influences to crafting key denim brands, to trade shows that feature entire sections on the importance of handmade.


Recycled album cover journals. Watching how they make them is also quite interesting.

Here’s a fun example from 12-Inch Notes that has taken old record album covers and remade them into cool recycled notebooks that are actually handstiched like an old-school book binding process. The promo video itself is quite interesting.

In addition, the design collective The Soda Shop has created another item that’s a part of a growing movement, handmade patches. Patches in general are on the rise among youth culture as more people DIY their style, often by adding buttons, patches, and pins to everything from backpacks to denim jackets and canvas sneakers. At $1 a piece, they’re obviously not making a lot of money doing this, but more for the sake of creating it just because.

Patches of Awesomeness at The Soda Shop.


12 Inch Notes from The Soda Shop on Vimeo.