From Electric Blue Heaven.

While surf or wave parks are becoming big business in the ongoing boost to get surfing into the Olympics and granting more people access to “waves” to boost the surfing industry as a whole, one of the most exotic artificial wave breaks is in the desert of Abu Dhabi’s Al Ain. This amazing, blue water, consistent 4-footer wave attracted Globe surfer Dion Agius and renowned surf videographer Joe G. to check it out.

Aerials by surfer Dion Agius.

Armed with 10 Russian models on the set, a Lamborghini and Ferrari, and a killer soundtrack “Winter Beats” performed by I Break Horses, the artificial wave surfing expedition and video landed Agius on the cover of Surfing with his wicked aerials (and much lauded cool wetsuit jacket with upside-down cross), and a whole bunch of press for sponsor Globe.

Surf pools and artificial wave technology is not cheap. But the one in Dubai was apparently made by a sheik, which explains why it was so exotic and incredibly perfect. Check it out.