Shepard Fariey and his studio created the design for Russel Brand's new show Brand X.

Designs by Shepard Fairey and Studio

Makes sense that Shepard Fairey and his studio would be the ones behind the highly anticipated Russel Brand show called Brand X. Katy Perry divorce aside, Russel Brand is a smart guy, albeit with hang-ups. His commentary, as seen in a variety of magazines recently, including an incredibly insightful interview in the magazine Origin (featuring Bjork on the cover) is thought-provoking, somewhat like Shepard Fairey: Both speak intelligently about weighty topics.

The latest design by Fairey and team is interesting and worth noting as part of the ongoing street artist as cred-factor designer as such artists continue to bolster not only advertising and brands into the realm of cool, but also entertainment, which in this case is a TV show and also a brand, with the in-your-face name of “Brand X” for a guy that’s inherently branded with a last name like Brand.

Brand X showcases on Thursday, June 28, 2012, on FX featuring Fairey’s iconic red, black, and off-white color scheme and angular design work, which of course is a statement in and of itself.

Branding of the brand X studio set.