The Oasis Water Challenge by Global Inheritance at the FYF Festival educated California’s on recycled water.

The Oasis Water Challenge is one of the most original and educationally fun on-site festival sustainability programs we’ve seen in awhile. At the FYF festival in Los Angeles, along with Global Inheritance, they called upon attendees to do something 99% of them had never done: taste the difference between recycled wastewater, desalinated ocean water, LA tap, and bottled water.

According to Global Inheritance, the unique experience gave music fans the chance to taste the future of H2O. With California facing a record-breaking drought, the Oasis introduced Angelenos to possible solutions to our ever dry challenges. With neighboring Orange County already sourcing nearly 15-20% of its tap water from treated wastewater, and with local water districts looking into similar plans as well as desalination plants, the Oasis could not have been more refreshing and thought-quenching.

Here are some results:

Charts and graphs courtesy of Global Inheritance.