Posters for change from the Green Patriots program.

The Green Poster Camp is a project in association with Canary Project, Make Something!, Metropolis Books, and The Human Impacts Institute that brings to light the creative activity of making posters for change with a specific call to action for the sustainability movement.

The main event took place last weekend, November 20th, at Space15Twenty in Los Angeles including a two-day workshop called “Banging Out Designs for a New World Order” for high school students led by Steve Harrington and Tara DePont.

While the posters themselves are all unique and interesting, obviously with messages, the concept is also quite viral and interactive with a place where people can create and upload their own poster online.

In addition, they’ve created an entire book called Green Patriots Posters book including pieces from a range of street artists including Shepard Fairey, Michael Bierut, and DJ Spooky. Urban Outfitters’ Space 15 Twenty also hosted a book launch for Green Patriots Posters book on November 20th.

This event and resulting book taps into the growing trends of youth culture becoming pro-active in creating change, especially surrounding the importance of the environment and sustainability. With such increased awareness to these issues among a younger generation, brands looking to connect need to also understand how the green movement is effecting the decisions that this new generation makes. In this case, being a “Green Patriot” and having the capability of creating one’s own poster, also adds to the impact that street artists have had on youth culture over the years. The spirit of DIY is alive and well, and as this campaign proves, is stoking a whole new way of getting the message across.