New platform for brand to tell their story.

Getting the story out is one of the most vital things a brand can do to spread their message. In the age of technology and changing dynamics of social media, there are several ways now to do this, however one of the most vital is through video formats.

Several years ago, we actually started a network platform called “The LabelLab” intended to provide a place at trade shows where up-and-coming brands could have an opportunity to share their story and highlights of their collection through video clips we’d post on YouTube. Little did we know that many of these “new” small brands would become leaders in the streetwear industry such as 10 Deep, Crooks & Castles, Obey, Mighty Crown, Akomplice, and more. Interestingly, many of our interviews took place at Agenda.

So, we’re pleased to hear that Agenda, which has become the leading streetwear and action sports trade show, is partnering with Grindmedia, recent new owners of Transworld publications, to create a platform for brands at the show in July 25-26 at Long Beach called The Break.

Check it out:

After much success in previous years, AGENDA, never following the traditional trade show format, is launching “The Break.” “The Break” will debut as a product lounge and a platform for participating brands to showcase their latest and greatest from upcoming collections and engage a broader audience in a more dynamic fashion than ever before. In joining forces with Grindmedia, renowned media giant known for delivering unparalleled action sports content; AGENDA seeks to heighten the tradeshow experience highlighting the best of what’s to come with “The Break”. The platform will create a unique stage on which brand stories and new products can come alive in a unique, candid manner and be leveraged to a larger and engaged audience almost immediately.

“We’re excited to partner with Grindmedia and introduce this innovative platform to our show,” said Mike Carter VP of Sales and Marketing for AGENDA. “The Grindmedia viewer reach is tremendous. It’s a great alliance that fits the strategic vision of Agenda giving an even greater voice to the top, forward-looking brands in youth culture-providing an added opportunity for brands to show off their newest products and tell their brand story.”

“Agenda, over the last ten years, has broken down barriers by creating and curating an effective medium for emerging and established brands to tell their stories and to legitimately get business done,” said Tony Perez, Publisher of Surfer and Surfing magazines. “GrindMedia, with over 4 million print readers, 22 million digital users and 3 million+ social followers, is home to some of the world’s most iconic action sports and outdoor magazine brands (Surfer, Surfing, Skateboarder, Snowboarder, the Transworld family of titles, etc.) as well as and its massive outdoor/lifestyle audience (18 million monthly unique users). We plan to utilize our reach to tell some of the amazing brand stories that just seem to flow out of the aisles at each Agenda show.”

“The Break” will be an AGENDA Show hot-spot where brands can candidly discuss their key products and highlight brand points for the coming season in a comfortable, hosted-interview environment. Grind medias CJ Olivares, the founder and former GM of FUEL TV, will oversee the production and experience. Set to debut at AGENDA Long Beach on July 25th & 26th, “The Break” is slated to be a staple at future AGENDA Long Beach shows to follow.