Iconic Hermes scarf.

While usually such collaborations and marketing campaigns for high-end fashion isn’t of much interest to us, this particular campaign by Hermes is quite interesting for many reasons. In an attempt to attract a younger, more hip consumer, Hermes is recreating their equestrian scarf in bright colors and patterns and launching a global campaign called J’aime Mon Carre or “I Love My Scarf.” The idea is to rediscover just why the Hermes silk scarf became such a sacred accessory in the first place, while bringing back the mystic of the scarf and what it symbols to a new set of younger consumers.

Brighter colors, almost comic-like horse figures are part of the recreated Hermes scarf series.

Hermes will create 4 limited-edition scarves to be sold first in Parisian concept store colette starting September 27 to October 16th. Each scarf will be wrapped in a special, keepsake orange box.

In addition to the campaign, there will be a corresponding magazine created by UK photographer Matt Irwin with art director Dean Langley. The magazine will feature 4 girls and their lives and loves including their love of their Hermes scarf. The website for the project www.jaimemoncarre.com will launch soon reporting on the special events around the planet ranging from Australia to the Czech Republic, along with a new Hermes facebook page.