The car and truck bracelett–sort of a rip on gas-guzzlers, one way to deal with it all is to make a statement…on your wrist.

Coming to the end of a very interesting and challenging year, Label Networks looked back through all of the various stories and accessory shots taken from our street reports in 2009. The photo editing was difficult as obviously many other types of accessories made popular among youth culture in ’09 could easily have been a part of this report. However the final selection fit into a loose set of criteria by our field researchers and editors, ranging from “most popular” (whether it was cool or not), to accessories that reflect the influences from other cultures, to a selection that we anticipate are a part of emerging trends that will be seen again in fuller force in 2010 and beyond.

Neon beaded braceletts and I.D. or statement braceletts worn in multiples is a younger demographic favorite. While many predicited this trend would end by now, it%uFFFDs still going strong and will be around for 2010.

Neon and brightly colored belts with oversized studs on guys. It%uFFFDs one way to show your flair for style without being too over-the-top. Preferred by young punks, emo fans, and nu ravers.

Flip-up brightly colored shades that still resemble old-school Ray-Bans. Modified version of the original and cool. Brands like Super are on the leading-edge of this.

Face masks aren’t just a Japanese anime or manga thing anymore, but also worn as accessories in real life, especially among those interested and influenced my Japanese youth culture. Face masks represent obviously the times we live in with swine flu epidemic scenarios, but also as a partially Goth statement.

Bow barettes and big bow headbands, usually in bright colors. This started mid-summer of %uFFFD09, but expect it to take shape again in 2010.

Le Sapiers from Nigeria and the Congo are having an influence on urban areas in the USA, especially with their mix of Dandy-ism and use of accessories to make a style statement. This is not to be confused with bling but a more upscale version. See our story on this movement.

Tutu shorts by Tripp NYC are on the radar, but tutu-inspired wear as everyday skirts and cocktail dresses are making a play in many circles including hipster 20-somethings heading out to an evening event.

Skullcandy was everywhere in 2009, from accessory booths at most major trade shows, to event sponsorship. Leaders in the designer headphone category, you can expect more fashion and electronic companies getting into the headphones game, including brands that already offer them such as WeSC and HotShock.

SkinGraft Design%uFFFDs Amelia Earhart inspirations is right on the money for 2010. With the movie coming out soon featuring Hillary Swank, expect aviator styles to be a hot aspect. The other thing about this image is the feathered bird as accessory which also matches the ruffles in this skirt. There%uFFFDs a lot going on in this image.

Russian fur hats. On guys and girls. Cool, hip, and warm.

Backlaces. Long chains and geometric shapes that adorn the new cleavage which is the space between one%uFFFDs shoulder blades. Miss Wax is onto this big-time.

Speaking of Miss Wax, ear cuffs are also a growing key accessory we see happening in the future especially as earbuds continue to be an important part of youth culture from a music and status perspective.

Old-fashioned over-sized flowers in diamonds and other bling-like sparkles in rings. Worn all together, they make a fun statement that draws attention to personal creativity.

Industrial designers are making their way into key accessories especially InCase, the Apple-centric brand that has been doing some very cool collaborations with graffiti artists such as Andre from Paris, and Arkitip Magazine. Accessorizing one%uFFFDs iPhone, computer, and other electronic devices have become important factors in personal style.

Going old–school, the retro %uFFFD70s brand Aviator Nation takes old-school Venice and beach scenes and colored stripes back from the birth of surfing to today. This caps represent a new “old” trend re-surfacing.

Watches in general are on the rise and while we%uFFFDre featuring a G-Shock here, it is one of many old-school brands making a spectacular comeback (which many %uFFFD80s brands are doing quite well since the timing is perfect), there are other watch brands to note also such as Nixon and Flud.

Feather headresses. OK so maybe this is over the top, but feathers in general are not. Feathers in earrings, necklaces, and hairpieces were a major staple for %uFFFD09 and we expect this again for summer 2010. This also goes along with the resurgence of American Indian influences and inspiration in accessories and patterns in fashion.

Another highly important bit of Americana is the strong return of cowboy boots, but usually the shorter version. With Stagecoach Festival gaining in popularity in the USA, and now the Country Throwdown tour for summer 2010, cowboy hats, boots, belt buckles, and checks are back.

Brass goggles and all things Steampunk. This subculture crosses technoloy, history, science, comics, and fashion and is a growing favorite that has now seeped out of cult status and moving into the mainstream. Best to get up to speed on your Steampunk aesthetics. See our profile report on this movement for more.

Wii handsets are key as a new must-have accessory. Ninentendo Wii has revitalized a part of the video gaming industry with it%uFFFDs interactive gaming systems that a new generation of gamers find to be way more fun.

Going along with this is the growing importance of key gaming accessories for your PSPs and other platforms, and among the most popular are Hello Kitty accessories. Hello Kitty has officially been announced as the national mascot for Japan and it celebrated it%uFFFDs 25th Anniversary in 2009. It%uFFFDs not going away soon.

Apples, hearts, stars as necklaces are a key accessory, but there%uFFFDs other aspects going along with this girl including key stripes of haircolor, preferably pink or blue, and a thin headband.

Neon necklaces and fake beads worn in multiples with cell phone charms combine a lot of accessories into one style. This is a key trend for younger demographics in North America.

While the English riding helmet and antlers are cool, and antlers and deer motifs in general are a hot trend right now, it%uFFFDs the leather harness accessory, again by SkinGraft Designs which we%uFFFDd like to point out most here. Worn by musical icons ranging from Fergie and other members of the Black Eyed Peas, to regular hipsters looking to spice up a shirt, harnesses will be a key accessory in the future.

Finally, we conclude with the importance of socks. Socks in stripes, bold colors, and patterns and worn either with heels or pulled up above boots are a new way to make something new from an old pair of shoes or boots. It%uFFFDs an easy and inexpensive accessory and something that goes along well with people on limited budgets but with loads of creativity.