Journey screen-grab by Sony. Created by thatgamecompany, creators of flow, and Flower.

PS3’s latest downloadable game created by developers thatgamecompany, creators of flow and Flower, have created an online game called Journey that’s absolutely stunning critics and creating a buzz not heard in video gaming in years. It’s a minimalist game, no talking allowed although it’s an MMORPG game, forcing players to communicate in other unique ways.

The scenery of a desert is post-apocalyptic and so beautifully rendered that it looks like movable art. Each screen grab has great meme potential, making the game itself a great piece of art.

Here’s what some critics are saying about Journey:

According to Jordan Mallory from Joystiq’s, he gave it a 5/5 review. “Journey is, for lack of a better word, awesome. It has not only raised the bar for video games as a storytelling medium and a form of artistic expression, but it has also expanded the definition of the term “multiplayer” and changed my perception of what a cooperative gaming experience can be.”

Russ Frushtick from Vox Games gives it a 10/10: “I felt like I was in control of a Pixar movie in Journey. Like the first half of WALL-E, awash in a near-silent mix of emotions, in a mysterious world that revealed only a small sliver of its past to me.”

Industry heavyweights like Game Informer give Journey a 9/10 rating but says it’s like “a musical concert, a well-directed film, or a long-awaited book, and its rewards are substantial,” according to Matt Miller.

IGN stated gushingly, “It’s the most beautiful game of its time.”

Interestingly, Journey is not a loud game with over the top graphics and enormous budgets. Mass Effect 3, which is also one of the top rated games of year, required a massive team to create and an enormous budget on par with a blockbuster movie. Journey on the other hand, was built by a team of 12 people, illustrating a real game-changer in the industry.

Check-out the trailer.