Marion Cotillard from the Lady Dior films, last featured this weekend in the release of David Lynch%uFFFDs Lady Blue Shanghai.

Short fashion films have become quite popular in the last 2 years with many top designers turning to the power of viral marketing via new media and short films that originate on brands%uFFFD sites, then populate elsewhere including YouTube.

The latest for Dior however is the David Lynch 12-minute video featuring Oscar winner Marion Cotillard in a piece called “Lady Blue Shanghai.” Not only is it typical Lynch-esque, beautiful, and mysterious, it captures the current fascination of collectibles–in this case a certain Dior purse–and the city of Shanghai.

Lady Blue Shanghai is the 3rd part of a marketing film triad that started in May, 2009, featuring Marion in 3 different cities and films including Lady Noire, Lady Rouge, and now Lady Blue.

Lady Blue Shanghai is beautiful, featuring Marion in the city and recalling looking at the Pearl tower across the Bund and a poem of differnt sized pearls falling on a piece of jade. She%uFFFDs taken back in time to a tryst she had with a lover from Shanghai who had to leave her. He had a blue rose, and as he looked behind her, the featured Dior bag pops out of a billboard in mystical way and floats through the sky. Much more happens but check it out below.

In an upcoming report on the city, we go into this deeper, but for now, let%uFFFDs just say that releasing this film now, when Shanghai is the new cultural hotspot and debuting a World Expo this weekend, and of course during John Galliano%uFFFDs New Dior Summer collection fashion show on the Bund, was ideal timing.

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