Germany’s logo by Marok for the Umbro Kit for World Cup Soccer.

Coveted national team badges with unique crests, patches, hats, shirts, shorts, you name it, are all a part of the upcoming FIFA World Cup soccer (football) frenzy for the tournament taking place in South Africa, June 11-July 11, 2010. Such merch collectibles have given many brands new ways to market their creativity, including the icon of soccer, Umbro. Featured in their recently released Umbro England Home Kit (tip from HighSnobiety) are 7 top national artists including street artists, a leading-edge music label, multi-media gurus, and comic artists, collaborating with team merchandise for those that have won the tournament previously, including Andre for France, Chamarelli for Brazil, Ben Eine for England, Marok for Germany, Liberatore for Italy, Zzk Records for Argentina, and Martin Albronoz for Uruguay.

This limited box set is available in select locations, including Selfridges in the UK, and The Reed Space in New York, which has completely remodeled an entire area dedicated to the Umbro Kit. The genius of bringing in top artists from various genres to help create new artwork for national collectibles around the tournament has attracted entirely new audiences to the sport of soccer (football), including many young people in the United States.

Renowned Street Artist Andre and his creation for France.

According to recent news from Media Control, it’s not just Nike and Adidas (who are leading the pack with soccer-related gear this year), but there’s been a 21.8% increase overall in the first quarter regarding soccer (football) gear compared with the same time last year.

To top it off, Umbro created a YouTube video series with 7 top national models wearing the various crested-ware, featured in an overall photo shoot, and then in separate interviews/video clips with each national model in case you only want to focus on one country, team, or girl.

Umbro England Kit.

Umbro video of national models’ photo shoot: