DIY your denim at the Levi’s Tailor Shop.

Levi’s sees the writing on the wall with their latest concept of creating a Tailor Shop that caters to buyers DIY needs for individualism and creativity especially when it comes to denim. Somewhat similar to Nudie’s denim jeans repair shop (which is based on sustainability), the Levi’s Tailor Shop allows denim-heads to customize using Levi’s various appliques including studs, patches, band logos, lettering, and buttons.

The Tailor Shop will also actually tailor one’s jeans by shortening, tightening the silhouettes, applying strategic rips, and various washes for a distressed look, or making the ultimate pair of Daisy Dukes if you’re sick of the pants part.

Box of patches from the Levi’s Tailor Shop.

In an interview with Sportswear International, Lizzie Radcliffe, head tailor at Levi’s Store on Regent Street in London said, “It is important personalizing one’s own trouser at best. Denim lovers prefer an authentic look rather than modifying an item last minute. This is why we can offer our in-store tailors’ team support. We can breathe new life in an old 501s Levi’s pair and transform them into a pair of shorts or add a writing to the classic Trucker Jacket, perfect for every look. It’s simply a matter of transforming your denim item into a clothing piece that reflects your own style.”

So far, the Levi’s Tailor Shop services are in various stores in Italy and will run until the end of the summer season. Costs range from 1 Euro to 30 Euros depending on the service. If it takes off here, we can assume more Levi’s Tailor Shops in other parts of the world in the future.