Liberty Fairs brings Born in the USA concept to Pitti Uomo in Florence for 2015.

Pitti Uomo is highly regarded as an innovative trade fair in Florence that tends to mark the kick-off of the international trade show season for menswear each year. This year, it’s going to be even more special with the recent announcement of the collaboration brought to the show by Liberty Fairs called “Born in the USA.”

As we’ve seen over the past few years, there’s been more attention in streetwear and urban contemporary fashion on heritage, quality, and made in America manufacturing. Now, Pitti Uomo will reflect these trends in fashion with the opening of the Fortezza da Basso area called the Archivi—two adjacent twin spaces of 800 square meters that will be designed specifically to enhance post-industrial styles, concepts, and trends as the location for the Born in the USA project by Liberty Fairs.

“BORN IN THE USA is the child of cooperation with one of the world’s most vital trade fair organizations”, says Agostino Poletto, deputy general manager of Pitti Immagine, “Liberty Fairs, the U.S. fair created by Sam Ben-Avraham. Now, Liberty and Pitti Immagine will bring a selection of some of the best born-and-made in the USA brands to the Fortezza da Basso. A grouping that ranges from classic styles to sportswear, in step with today’s trends that put the focus on a product’s origins, a genuine mix of originality and style”.

This should be an interesting show-within-a-show space.

Liberty Fairs will be bringing more than 20 MADE IN USA men’s fashion labels to Florence with an offering that extends from accessories to clothing, from denim to footwear.

The participating brands include: 3×1, American Trench, BKC/The Brooklyn Circus, Dehen 1920, Dickies 1922/Palmer Trading, Filson, Frank Clegg, Freenote, Imogene + Willie, Knickerboker Mfg Co, MSL by Billy Reid, Norman Russell, Oak Street Bootmakers, Quoddy, Red Wing, Save Khaki, Schott/Perfecto by Schott, Shinola, The Hillside and Upstate Stock.

“In our eyes, Pitti has always been the ultimate worldwide menswear platform.  We have an immense amount of respect for the organization and believe it is unmatched in the industry today.  The partnership is an unbelievable opportunity to service American brands by giving them the chance to be a part of the Pitti experience under the Liberty umbrella – says Sam Ben-Avraham CEO of Liberty Fairs – In regards to the concept, the most appropriate thing for us to bring to Italy is Made in USA menswear.  While Liberty is not explicitly focused on Made in USA, this point of view makes sense for us as an American trade show in Florence.  We feel local manufacturing is beyond just a statement; it’s a state of mind.  We hear the same kind of initiatives happening in local markets around the world.  We want to be a part of the local manufacturing movement and we’re proud to present our local brands at Pitti”.

Liberty Fairs has also signed a partnership agreement with Project Cobalt, a new venture that offers support to deserving names in fashion, the arts, music and technology so that they can work in the fields they love and leave their marks on the world. Project Cobalt has made it possible for two brands, Knickerbocker and Norman Russell, to be part of the BORN IN THE USA project.