Launched on Monday, December 15th Microsoft has officially gotten into the fashion business with the release of ’80’s retro geek-chic style Microsoft-logo-ed T-shirts and other apparel. Called Software by Microsoft (we’re not kidding), Microsoft reps say they are hoping to tap into the old-school nostalgia trend of when personal computers came into existence. The collection includes graphics such as an early faceshot of Bill Gates, MS-DOS logos and blue background prints.

The campaign includes a collaboration with rapper Common promoting the idea, and is being produced by their agency Crispin and Bogusky who came up with the concept as an extension of Microsoft’s’ “I’m a PC” campaign to get back at Apple’s Mac vs. PC campaign created by TBWA Media Arts Lab. Honestly it all sounds more like a rivalry between two advertising agencies (that clearly have too much time on their hands) than something intended for consumers interested in computers. But we’ll see. Apple’s “apple-culture” accessories such as Incase with their very sleek and interesting designs in overnight duffels, iPod holders, and even skateboard bags are doing quite well among Apple followers, so perhaps the Software T-shirts by Microsoft will edge its way into the geek PC lifestyle as well.

Software by Microsoft T-shirts will be sold in select specialty stores and Urban Outfitters starting this week.