It’s still in the works, but SnowSports Industries of America (SIA) has joined forces with the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA), and U.S. textile and apparel industry and developed legislation to get high-tech performance outwear, such as jackets, snow pants, bike apparel, and other recreational performance-wear, free of import duty fees. Called the Recreational Performance Outwear Apparel Act 2008 (RPOAA), it was introduced to the House of Representatives on July 15 by Representative Earl Blumenauer from Oregon.

If approved, recreational performance outerwear, or high-tech outwear, even including some knits will be free of duty fees. For example, according to SIA, recreational performance outwear is subject to some of the highest tariffs in the U.S., i.e. a knit performance outerwear jacket is subject to 28% duty.

The bill also includes investing in U.S. resources focusing on sustainability and environmentally-conscious manufacturing by helping textile and apparel producers streamline cialis pills online their supply chains and minimize water and energy usage to reduce overall environmental footprints.

The implications for this bill of course would benefit the outdoor apparel industry, but also other fashion industries as well if deemed high-tech. Since many street fashion apparel brands also include aspects such as jackets, and as the bike scene continues to gain momentum among urban dwellers, RPOAA could also mean that getting fashionable outerwear classified as high-tech performance could be the ticket to cheaper prices for both manufacturers and consumers.

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