Levi’s Vintage Clothing Display in miniature was so cute, and a show-stopper at Project.

“It saves in packing and shipping,” explained the Levi’s Vintage Clothing representative when I asked him to explain the Levi’s miniature exhibition. Quite true. Their little display not only pulled some key bits from the Levi Strauss massive archives, but replicated in miniature, its cuteness captured the attention of everyone who stopped by the Nick Wooster section of Project show last week in Las Vegas.

Here, you could see specifically (in a Mini-Me format) just what the Levi 501 denim from 1915 looked like, as well as leather jackets from the 60’s, and the significant usage of workwear Levi plaid shirts and cardigan sweaters.

Check-it out.

The 1915 501 in Mini-Me.

Plaid shirts were a part of Levi Strauss back in the day and still remain a part of future collections.

Close-up of the James Dean denim and leather jackets from Levi’s Vintage exhibition.

Plaids and checks, leather jackets, and denim all make up aspects of Levi’s Vintage.