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Levi Strauss Ends 500 Jobs, Latest Moves in Global Productivity Initiatives


While often these days, we are hearing about Levi Strauss in the context of their sustainability initiatives, vintage and heritage revitalization, or even skateboarding-inspired collections, today they announced that 500 jobs are about to be eliminated. Levi’s has been undergoing various phases to streamline its global productivity and deal with the fractured marketplace of denim. […]

Levi’s Profit Dip Due to High Cotton Costs, Discounting, Sign of the Times


No matter how artificially pumped-up mainstream fashion media says things are going economically speaking, the reality is that sourcing problems, new trends in discounting, and an entirely new generation of youth culture consumers who have spent their teens living in a recession, are changing the game of the industry. Stay tuned for more about this […]

Levi Strauss Announces Expansion of Denizen in Exclusive Target Deal to Attract Youth Culture with Active Lifestyles


Levi Strauss is not the only denim brand concentrating heavily on fit, comfort and lower price points these days, but the latest agreement with Target will impact the youth fashion industry.

Levi’s To Introduce Water-less Jeans

Yet another step towards greater sustainability, Levi Strauss has re-created the process of making denim, using far less water.

Denim: The Size of Market, Which Youth Demographics Are Buying Most, Best Price Points, and Greatest Potential


The recession has taken its toll on many fashion industries, particularly premium denim, however based on in-depth cross-tabs of our youth culture data, certain new markets reveal far more resiliency and growing at targeted price points.

Cool Youth Culture Online Marketing Campaigns: Hanes EcoSmart; Levi’s Like Jeans Social Network Features

Two innovative online campaigns get to the heart of youth culture -one with an eco message utilizing YouTube and the other with social network features for shopping.

Project Fashion Trade Show Showcases Top Denim Brands, Upper Streetwear, Footwear, and Other Leading-Edge Genres

Hipsters unite once again at Project at the Sands featuring how denim and Americana, plus pieces of retro will turn 2010 into a yester-year starting soon.

Denim Directions: Taking On America’s Lead

Trends in denim are coming from the bottom-up, not the Premium category any longer. Who are the leaders? It’s back in America’s hands. Fresh street report.