Shaun White wins the gold medal during the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games! Photo by Adrian Dennis–Getty Images

Although it wasn’t all that unexpected that Shaun White would win the gold Tuesday night, February 17, 2010 during in men’s halfpipe, it was nevertheless one of the most exciting nights so far of the Vancouver Olympic Games. In his first run, he didn’t even pull off his new signature trick–the 1260 Double McTwist, but still landed in first place with a super high score based on an excellent run full of amplitude and packed with difficult manuuevers.

However Shaun knows how to please a crowd, and in his “victory” lap, or second run of the Games, at the very end he threw down the 1260 Double McTwist just barely sticking the last 180 landing, to come in with an even higher score, claiming not only the gold, but the heart of the Olympics.

Shaun, who really doesn’t enjoy being called The Flying Tomato (would rather be The Animal), would like his new trick to be re-named the Tomahawk after a 30-ounce steak with the same name that he ate after winning the X Games gold medal last month. Of course, he can name it anything he wants, since he invented it, pulled it off in the Olympics under huge pressure, not to mention practiced the trick for months in his secret-pipe in Silverton, CO (courtesy of his sponsorship from RedBull).

Shaun White and bronze medalist Scott Lago celebrating at the end of the men’s halfpipe. Photo courtesy of Cameron Spencer-Getty Images.

The Vancouver Olympics have had a rough time if we were to reflect back on the last week, what with a lack of snow at the beginning, some mistakes in the Opening Ceremony with a 4th torch not lighing and the Olympic flag getting snagged. But the most disastrous sitatuation has been the delayed NBC coverage, resulting in some massive backlash for the network. Not only are people pissed that the Olympics are time-delayed on th West Coast, especially considering the events are held on the West Coast, but the lack of online streaming makes it a real challenge to even watch the Olympics in general.

One thing NBC and the Olympics continue to miss is youth culture, and a generation that watches things on their computers rather than TV. They also still assume people have cable (when you go to sign up for so-called “live” streaming you are asked from a list of networks which you subscribe to, insinuating that everyone must subscribe to something). With these 2 factors, many people are watching the Olympics online through pirated, crackily, British networks online. Or simply reading Tweets.

In addition, there’s an Olympic rule that states Olympic athletes’ images cannot be used for “advertising” other brands other than the Olympics, which means that all of the snowboarders, skiers, etc. faceshots have been taken off of their sponsors’ websites, such as Burton, RedBull, and so on. A ridiculously clausterphobic manuever by the Olympics, which continues to struggle with reaching a new generation of viewers.

Stay tuned for more from the Olympics and the women’s halfpipe tonite.

Star-spangled bandanas are sure to be a hot trend now that Shaun White sported one as a facemask during the men’s halfpipe at the Olympics.