Models from the Crewest Revolutions street fashion show.

While LA Fashion Week continues to evolve, especially in downtown Los Angeles where many new leading-edge designers and boutiques host various events, one of the highlight fashion events took place at Crewest Art Gallery on March 20, called “Revolutions.” The show featured live spray graphics on T-shirts by street artists TC-5, plus a fashion show illustrating the origins of how street art and fashion evolved into the graphic scene it is today.

What’s unique about the TC-5 crew is that they were the originators of street art and street fashion which started back in the ’80’s. Using compressed spraypaint guns, they often performed live to create graphics on T-shirts, denim jeans, and jackets. And to have one of these pieces was a symbol of cool.

TC-5 artist jacket with spray graphics.

The event also showcased many of the TC-5 members artwork in an exhibition format, much of which also appears in a book about TC-5 called “Piecebook: Reloaded” published by Prestel.

For anyone interested in the birth of street culture, art, and fashion the Crewest exhibition is a must-visit event and will be available for free to the public until the closing reception March 27.

Flashbacks of flashdance styles, oversized T-s, and 80%uFFFDs denim jackets were the O.G. of street fashion.

The TC-5 show also includes an exhibition of iconic artwork on various textures throughout the Crewest Gallery.

Spray graphics on denim jeans, dresses, and embellished Puma shirts were a part of the show and representative of the scene.

Detailed graphics with pressured spray guns like this Mini-Mouse Puma graphics illustrate the artistry of TC-5 members.

Graffiti sweatshirts reflect the birth of street fashion graphics.

Betty Boop graphics on Apliq T-shirt which also features pockets and embellishments from recycled fabrics. Apliq is a new brand and boutique in downtown Los Angeles.

The original varsity jacket featuring artwork by TC-5 artists on display at Crewest.

This is how graphics were done in fashion in the old-school streetwear tradition.