Street artist Zevs.

Photos from De Buck Gallery of Zevs exhibition.

Another great example of street art tackling key cultural subjects jamming advertising with art, Zevs (prounced “Zues”) takes on high finance with some of his latest liquidated logos showcasing at De Buck Gallery in New York until April 7th.

Zevs began his street art career in Paris in the ’90’s, creating his art name Zevs after a metro train of the same name once almost hit him. Like other street artists, Zevs sees public spaces as his canvas and often creates controversial liquidated logos of well known global brands that at once makes fun of culture’s obsession and knowledge of such brands, and twisting the concept of advertising into something quite mesmerizing.

Liquidated CBS.

According to De Buck Gallery, by targeting the emblematic logos of financial leaders, Zevs questions not only the stability of the institutions, but also their branding strength as visual commodities. Drawing on Alfred Hitchcock’s famous thrillers, Birds and Psycho, as well as Breton Ellis Easton’s American Psycho, Zevs uses looming birds, bloody shower curtains and pristine hatchets to add an eerie element of foreboding and impending doom. Moody and psychological, Liquidated Version fills the space with a fresh look at the “greed is good” theme and the confusion between surface and substance of American high finance.

Zevs now lives in New York and Zurich.

511 W 25TH STREET, SUITE 502
NEW YORK, NY 10001
T. 212-255-5735


Cut to the Chase.

Global Liquidation.