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Coca-Cola Launches 2nd Lives, Recycling Plastic Bottles Into New “Tools”…with More Plastic


Coca-Cola continues to try and be green and gain credibility with global youth markets, but their latest campaign called 2nd Lives is a bad idea in numerous ways. The concept of recycling is obviously good, but the real motive is so obviously transparent as to make 2nd Lives look like the biggest greenwashing gimmick to […]

Coke’s Dancing Vending Machine Connects with Dance Dance Revolution Generation


Vending machines have a different meaning in many Asian countries than they do here in the United States, often taking on the tasks of supplying far more than basic drinks and fast food needs. But the influences from Japan’s vending machine culture in particular has made its way into cool collaborations in the States in many […]

Coke X EOps X Designer Michael Young Jump Into the Designer Headphones Trend Made from Recycled Bottles


Wearable technologies, particularly designer headphones have been going strong ever since the iPhone eggshell white earbuds became a status symbol and fashion brands like WeSC started creating this unique accessory as a tool of style. Now, designer headphone brands from Marley to SmartEars to SkullCandy are a regular part of any streetwear trade show and […]

Coca-Cola to Buy Monster May Change the Game of Youth Culture Energy Drinks


At a potential $11.6 billion price tag, if the deal goes through, Monster would be the largest acquisition Coca-Cola’s ever done. Full Throttle, Coke’s energy drink in this space, simply doesn’t cut it when it comes to energy drink preferences among youth culture, which is the main reason Coke’s after Monster. As we’ve noted over […]

Coke’s Move to the Beat Olympic Campaign Hopes to Draw Youth Culture To London Games 2012


Taking sounds of 5 Olympic athletes at sport, Grammy winner Mark Ronson and Katy B are chosen to fuse Olympics with youth. But there are flaws in the masterly planned and expensive campaign.

Street Artist Zevs Liquidated Versions Show Takes High Finance Debacle Head-On


One of our favorite street artists, Zevs is known for tweaking iconic brands’ logos, creating a psychological liquidating effect through art and color.

Coca-Cola Music–Attempt to Connect with Teens Still Misses Mark


Coke wakes up to recognize new teens may not know them, and launches music campaign that indicates lack of knowledge about the marketplace.