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The New Tribes of Skateboarding: A Fractured Industry Opens Doors to New Styles, Brands, and Streetwear Crossovers in the State of Skate


With more than 350 people packing the Mandalay Bay conference room for Label Networks presentation “Action Sports and Streetwear: Youth Culture Influences Creating New Platforms Across Industries” at MAGIC/S.L.A.T.E./Project fashion trade shows on August 20, 2012, it confirmed that there are many brands and retailers with questions and ideas about the changing state of action […]

The State of Mind of Youth Culture: A New Generation with Different Concerns Means Changing Dynamics for Relevant Businesses


Youth culture by their very nature of entering into a new world of personal identity and awareness often comes with a huge dose of hopefulness despite the state of the global economy, environment, or even war. The main reason for this sense of hope and happiness comes from having really no other comparisons developed yet […]