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H&M’s Sustainability Initiatives Ramp-up More with Launch of Global Apparel Collection Facilities


H&M will be the first fashion-fashion company in the world to have global clothing collection facilities when it launches their latest sustainability program in 48 markets in February, 2013. Starting next year, customers can hand in used clothing in H&M stores which will then be repurposed as part of the brand’s initiatives at looking at […]

Dov Charney, CEO of American Apparel Talks Future of Manufacturing in America, Trends, Immigration in Fiery Interview


Manufacturing in the United States is a hot issue especially in fashion these days and who better to outline predictions of a global economic change than the controversial CEO of American Apparel, Dov Charney. Filmed inside his downtown Los Angeles manufacturing center of American Apparel Charney offers up why his Made in the USA model […]

Vintage Paris-How a Fashion Capital Is Leading Trends in the Secondary Market Scene


Telltale changes in shopping patterns among youth culture mean an explosion in vintage/thrift stores and retro iconic trends. Here’s the latest from the leading the scene.

Footwear and Sneaker Shopping Patterns in Youth Culture -Top Store Preference Shifts By Gender Lead to New Market Opportunities for the Industry


Challenging economy has effected footwear shopping patterns among youth culture, and in our latest Youth Culture Study, store preferences indicate where specific demographics are turning to next.

Sunglasses Make Their Mark As Key Accessory in Youth Culture -Fresh Data On Top Brand Preferences, Changes in the Marketplace


Fresh from the Spring Youth Culture Study 2011, we report on the latest youth culture preferences and trends when it comes to a key accessory in creating one’s style.

What Would Make It Easier for You To Buy the Things That You Like the Most?


Fresh data from LN’s Summer Youth Culture Study illustrates new preferred ways that 13-30-year-old’s would like to shop. Dynamic changes show great marketing possibilities.

Venues: X/Y Tribes in the House


How Architecture, Entertainment Venues, Runway Shows, Retail Spaces Need to Address the Importance of Attracting a New Youth Culture

Planeshop Pop-up Changing Airport Retailing -Starting in Glasgow

Pop-up shops continue to redefine retail, this time with a unique spin and location that’s sure to take off.