Slide from our presentation last year at SXSW Eco.

The voting process is now open for presentations to take place during SXSW Eco, October 5-7, 2015 in Austin, TX. Once again, Label Networks is in the running for presenting on our latest analysis and research regarding youth culture and issues of sustainability.

Our first presentation concept: “Turning 15 in 2030: Reaching a New Youth Market”

What it’s about: Those born today will be 15 in 2030, the year that global climate experts predict the tipping point for massive shifts in the environment unless drastic measures are achieved in limiting our carbon footprint. As a business of the future targeting youth demographics, marketing and communication will be different than anything anyone has ever done before. What most brands don’t realize however is that the shift has already started. Today’s youth culture, those who are 15 now and will be 30 in 2030, already offer a fresh set of insights, attitudes, and opportunities to engage sustainability strategies for their future. Based on tracking a series of questions posed to 40,000 of America’s youth from 2012-2015, we reveal where the shifts are happening and why. We reveal top concerns about the environment, humanitarian issues, greenwashing, brand transparency, music influences towards communication and eco-awareness, fashion, thrift/vintage buying habits of this new DIY generation.

Our second concept is a workshop on how to create a more sustainable and greener event: “Spreading the Love of a Greener Festival/Tour.This is based on our current case study of the sustainability program we created for the Vans Warped Tour called the “Warped Zero Waste Tour.”

This workshop is intended for participants to learn hands-on skills, methods for capturing metrics, how to measure carbon footprints, offsets, and utilizing the GRI system, similar to what the Olympics and other large events use.

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Turning 15 in 2030: Reaching a New Youth Market

Workshop: Spreading the Love of a Greener Festival/Tour

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–The Team at Label Networks