Early renditions of the multi-story skatepark being built by Guy Hollaway Architects.

It will be an achievement that will entice skateboarders, BMX, rock climbers and more once the Britain-based Guy Hollaway Architects build the first multi-story park in Folkestone, UK. Plans have just been unveiled with a public meeting for questions on what to expect from this extraordinary urban park—part of regeneration process.

The site is based on 1000 square meters with a skate park that will be the world’s first multistory facility of its kind. It will also host BMX, and locations for inline skating, and indoor rock climbing.

The Skatepark will also be an urban park overall including inline skating, BMX, and indoor rock climbing.

According to the architects, “The ambition is to focus on the youth of the Shepway District and draw a National and International following for the park.”

The announcement was made Friday by the Roger De Haan Charitable Trust at the skate park known as “The Shed” currently run by Folkestone Youth Project, one of the groups invited to join discussions about activities at the new center.

Chair of Folkestone Youth Project Damian Collins said, “The proposals outlined here would bring provision for young people in Folkestone to a new level, and would help to establish permanent amenities that would be the envy of any town in the south east.”

“Initial designs have been prepared by us, working in conjunction with consultants who have nationally recognized expertise in designing facilities for urban sports. Potentially the new building would be able to accommodate skateboarding and scooters at beginner, intermediate and competition levels, together with facilities for trial cycling, boxing and climbing.

Exploratory discussions have already taken place with potential partners, who are being invited to contribute views and ideas as the plans take shape. The RDHCT trustees believe this project would provide another exciting and innovative opportunity for young people in this community.”

Inline skating is a popular sport in this area. View of the proposed outside of the urban park.
The skatepark will also glow at night and offer up evening skate session opportunities.