Good news for Zumiez today as their stock leaped 15% after announcing that their 3rd quarter earnings were actually higher than financial forecasts. What this means for the sportswear company is that stocks went from 25 cents to 27 cents per share higher than their perceived outlook of 21 cents to 24 cents per share. Overall Zumiez increased 15.3% to $20.08 by the end of the trading day. While this is good news for the retail chain given that the stock has traded as low as $10.68 at one point it’s not at its all-time high yet of trading at $22.53.

While retail sales in some categories continue to suffer the fresh news for Zumiez which ranks relatively high in our North American Youth Culture Studies in terms of favorite places to shop among 13-25-year-olds particularly for certain items is that youth demographics did shop in the retail chain in August.