Alexander McQueen designed the cover for Bjork’s 1997 “Homogenic”

When we heard the news that legendary designer Alexander McQueen had committed suicide yesterday, we were all heart-broken that such a creative talent was gone. While we mostly cover street and youth culture fashion, there’s no denying that Alexander McQueen had a tremendous impact on many subcultures of fashion and the fantastical that influenced younger people and designers on the leading-edge.

Alexander also recreated the fashion runway show experience, often making them an event, or what we call modern theater, which re-defined what it meant to attend a fashion show as it created new possibilities and inspiration along with entertainment.

Alexander McQueen was one of the first to bring the idea of deer antlers and Gothic nature to the forefront. Here is a Gothic white forest bride that inspired many Goth-Loli followers.

Known also for fantastic head pieces and accessories, this butterfly hat caused a sensation as he re-created a headpiece of red monarchs made of silk.

In his last show, Alexander McQueen had models walking down the runway in what became known as the controversial “Hoof Heels” which Lady Gaga went on to wear, and solidifying Alexander McQueen’s insight and creativity.

In tribute to Alexander McQueen, SkinGraft Designs created a beautiful memorial in their flagship storefront display in downtown Los Angeles, which became sort a meeting place for LA fashionistas last night during the downtown LA Art Walk.

We will miss Alexander McQueen and all he’s done for fashion–from couture to his collaboration with Target and the McQ campaign. Rest in Peace