Street artist and logo-ist ESPO talks about how he got started tagging gates in NYC and Coney Island in “Open Air” Street Art and Graffiti Documentary

A new release from Triad Films by Lou Auguste and Alyssa Natches called “Open Air-Street Art and Graffiti Documentary” provides an excellent insider view of the lives of several top street artists, including ESPO, Faile, and Dan Witz, among others and how street art and advertising lines have blurred. Tough questions are asked such as is street art deadas more people get into it and more is seen thanks to the internet, where is it headed next, is it challenging advertising, and what%uFFFDs the difference between “open air” galleries and traditional galleries.

By looking at how and why some of these artists generate their work, plus how people percieve open air galleries created by urban landscape artists, you can see the punk rebel-yell differences between youth culture, art, music, fashion, and particularly advertising. As we%uFFFDve noted before, as advertisers struggle to connect with an elusive and savvy new audience, many have turned to street and graffiti artists to help them gain cred, thus blurring the lines of what%uFFFDs authentic street art vs. advertising and who%uFFFDs winning the battle–if there really even is one.

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