Photos from Arkitip Magazine–Shepard Fairey preparing for his show with Arkitip and Alife in Los Angeles

This highly-anticipated collaboration, magazine, and commemorative T-shirt launch at an opening event gala on June 19th in Los Angeles featuring the artwork of Shepard Fairey is sure to be one of the most hyped events of the summer season -second possibly only to Banksy’s summer show in Bristol, England. Many agree that Shepard Fairey has been a pivotal driving force for street and graffiti artists into mainstream popularity. From his iconic Andre the Giant sticker campaigns, Obey posters, politically charged screen prints, collages, and of course the Obama poster representing support for then President-elect Barack Obama, Shepard is arguably one of the most fascinating guerrilla street artists of our time.

Arkitip Magazine exclusive with Shepard Fairey in specially made Incase box

However this collaboration with Arkitip Magazine, a premiere publication dedicated to top designers and artists globally, goes many steps beyond the norm in terms of marketing collaborations and bringing together multiple forums. First, the magazine itself is a one-of-a-kind, featuring Shepard’s work, but also with a numbered print from Shepard Fairey and packaged carefully in a special Incase box. Incase, for those who are unfamiliar with the brand, has taken industrial design to new levels by creating Apple-centric computer bags, cases, iPhone shell bags, and other pieces including a special-edition soccer ball sports bag for the New York design collaborative/soccer fans, the Chinatown Soccer Club, and an entire bamboo iPhone “slider” line and created a demand among street fashion fans and today’s digital-centric youth culture trendsetters looking for the latest new thing.

In addition, Alife, the well-known sneaker brand and store, is featuring a commemorative Shepard Fairey T-shirt for the event and for sale for a limited time at Alife.

Alife x Obey x Arkitip Magazine commemorative T-shirt

When it comes to the Obey x Arkitip x Alife event, Shepard has to say: “I have known Scott, the creator of Arkitip for 10 years when he was on issue 2. I was in issue 3 and I later contributed writing to a few other issues. The magazine started off only black and white, but has evolved into a very beautiful and sophisticated publication. I am very proud to be the featured artist in Arkitip 51. The issue includes current exclusive content from my indoor and outdoor work for the Boston ICA as well as a large selection of my newest fine art. There is an extensive interview with me by Simon Steinhardt and a great essay by ICA curator Pedro Alonzo. The magazine is packaged in a premium box with hand placed stickers on the outside. The magazine itself is perfect bound and has a die-cut cover. There is also a magazine sized, one color signed and numbered version of the Obey Eyeball print. The run is limited to 5,000.”

All together, the multi-collab project has created inspiration among street art fans, plus many others, including those in fashion, design, and video production (check this out on Arkitip’s site) who are intrigued by the ongoing process of Shepard Fairey, Arkitip, Alife, Incase, and the idea that bringing together specific elements to create an event can often lead to an entire movement.

Arkitip Magazine Issue 51 featuring Shepard Fairey

Set-up tooks and artwork of Shepard Fairey

Stay tuned for more from the event.