Last Blender cover

On Thursday, March 26, Alpha Media Group, owners of Blender Magazine, said that the music title would cease publication, but will be available online. We’ve been writing more and more of these stories, which is sad news, but it’s not like we didn’t see it coming. The old-school ad-model doesn’t work that well (hello?), especially in a down economy. However Blender was a cool magazine, covering music mostly with additional entertainment stories of some significance since 2001. A moment of silence, please.

In our Fall Report 2008 from North America, Blender ranked 7th overall as a favorite magazine title among 13-25-year-olds. Interestingly, it did quite well across both genders indicating that it had a balanced mix of topics and greater potential for ad revenue since it appealed to a wider cross-section of people. But obviously this wasn’t enough for the company that owns Maxim, too.

Alpha Media Group also announced that it will be merging its Maxim print editorial team with editorial team. Of course this makes sense -and you’d have thought most magazines would be doing this already. But apparently not. Yet.