Bodies in Urban Spaces is documented by Lisa Rasti.

Bodies in Urban Spaces falls into the category we define as culture jamming because it makes people stop and take a look, while redefining the social conventions of what is normally considered “public space.”

Choreographed by Willi Domer, his troupe of color-blocked performers has traveled to various cities since 2007. Last year, in late 2010, Wall Street got their first glimpse of Bodies in Urban Spaces which not only stopped traffic, but had crowds of people (and nervous security police) watching how mundane places like a mailbox and the famous Wall Street bull were recreated into part of a human sculpture.

Re-defining public spaces through human body formations.

Like graffiti and street art, and Improv Everywhere, Bodies in Urban Spaces addresses how we perceive and behave in public. Combining bright colors on each performer and squeezing or forming into random spaces, it highlights how humans fit into the daily life of a city and for the viewer, probes them to reconsider their environment. The temporary installations are ephemeral and leave no lasting imprint.

Bodies in Urban Spaces next performance will take place in Bristol, UK (home of notorious street artist Banksy) on May 21-22, before moving onto another undisclosed location.