Bread & Butter in Barcelona

Bread & Butter just wrapped up what has become its final show in Barcelona. This is sad news for those of us from Label Networks who loved this show in this location, especially when it came to planning a trip to the Med for the July show, but at the press conference on Friday, January 23, the final day of the successful 3-day fair, director Karl-Heinz Muller announced what was speculated in the Halls of the Fira de Barcelona venue, that Bread & Butter was again on the move. Then on Wednesday, January 28th, B&B announced it was moving back to Berlin for the July 1-3 show.

“It is an incredible result which we could draw with BREAD & BUTTER BARCELONA. All in all, we were able to greet more than 600.000 visitors in Barcelona during the last four years, here, we advanced to become the international leading tradeshow for Street and Urbanwear in Europe. Barcelona was a great choice %u2013 however: “It’s time to move on.”

According to Karl-Heinz: “The fact that we move on has nothing to do with anything not being good. Barcelona was the perfect host. But BREAD & BUTTER is independent and always acts autarchic. It is and remains our philosophy to work for the market: the market is the boss %u2013 and right now, what this boss needs is a profound renewal and progression.”

The new location for Bread & Butter will be the historical airport Berlin-Templehof. The contract is set for the next 10 years. According to Karl-Heinz, “The airport Berlin-Tempelhof is the mother of all airports”, is an architectural jewel, a location of international historic meaning, and is known worldwide. Here, we have the possibility to completely redefine and newly position the “BREAD & BUTTER %u2013 tradeshow for selected brands.”

Karl-Heinz concludes: “With the return to Berlin, we provide the right answer to the demands of the market. In Barcelona, we could record visitor numbers unprecedented in the tradeshow events.
However, I am convinced that we will further expand these numbers in Berlin and above all, in connection with the spectacular location, the airport Berlin-Tempelhof.

Everyone loves Berlin, the Italians, the Dutch, the Scandinavians, the English, and so on. We will also thrill our newly gained friends from Spain and Portugal with Berlin. Above all, I count on many visitors from overseas, the USA, Canada, Japan and Australia.

We return home well invigorated.”

MAGIC’s Famed (and somewhat notorious) South Hall is Gone
In another major trade show revamp, MAGIC has announced that it’s changing up it’s format and one of the greatest changes is the end to South Hall–known for it’s bling, street, and urban areas -and the heart of some seriously dope peacocking by leading fashionistas. (And interestingly, Google “MAGIC South Hall” and up pops Label Networks’ stories at the top.)

According to MAGIC, things will be easier to navigate as Street and S.L.A.T.E. sections are now joining with the debut of the Premium area in the Central Hall. So basically, the North Hall will continue to be the location for many of the women’s contemporary brands, and the Central Hall will host Men’s Premium, Street, S.L.A.T.E., and in the very back, the art-inspired and very cool smaller show, Pool.

This should make it easier to cover. However we are wondering about the mingling of Premium and Street buyers in the same area.

This also means that Label Networks’ Global Youth Culture and Street Fashion presentation will no longer be located in the South Hall conference area, but now will be located back in the North Hall, upstairs, room N261 on February 18, at 10 a.m. Pre-registration is required!