Backcountry guide for girls from Burton Snowboards’

Just in time for winter, Burton has launched a great new addition to their website called featuring an array of stories, images, and video. From Olympic gold medalist Kelly Clark, to Hannah Teter, Rana Okada, Zanna Roberts Rassi, and old-school girl writer favorites such as Tricia Byrnes and Jen Sherowski, the site includes a variety of voices and ideas for all girls who ride or hope to ride someday.

The sections are pretty clear including Travel, but not necessarily just snowboarding trips, but also side trips to various locations, such as Clark kayaking in New Zealand, to latest on Health and Beauty (i.e. Pomegranate Cosmopolitans by Barefoot Contessa), to Style, Culture, and Apres shenanigans. The site is fun and interesting and easy to navigate.

There are also sections for Shopgirls-girls from shredshops, Inner Voice in terms of the latest insider scoop from working at Burton, Burtonistas including friendsters to the site, and The Team, featuring stories and images from the team riders.

Event news from

While obviously it’s a Burton-centric site, including favorite outfits of the week that are of course Burton apparel, there’s enough other stories that make it informative about snowboarding from a girl’s point of view in general.

As we’ve seen in our youth culture consumer intelligence data, the size of market and potential size of market has the greatest opportunity in women’s snowboarding. (See also our Fall Youth Culture Study 2011.) And unlike the ongoing challenges for women surfers and lack of sponsorship dollars, women pro snowboarders are usually on the same level in terms of sponsorship dollars and competition prize money at pro events.

Overall, is on the right track towards making the most of a growing opportunity for the sport and industry in terms of growing the lifestyle surrounding the nature of snowboarding.