Caitland Brown's the Cloud.

There continues to be an increase in art being produced that focuses on issues of sustainability, up-cycling, and the power of nature. Another great example is artist and filmmaker Caitland Brown and her latest creation called “Cloud.”

Made from some 6,000 lightbulbs, of which only 1 out of 6 is still live and not burnt-out, the installation allows people to interact by pulling on a cord to create moving light, like a lightning storm within the cloud.

Only 1 out of 6 blubs is still live.

Cloud is part of the Nuit Blanche Gallery show in Calgary, Alberta, and has attracted a massive amount of viewers to the strange spectacle imitating the power of nature from mostly dead bulbs.

It’s fascinating to see how something that seems at the end of its cycle can actually be transformed into something alive and powerful via a different construction of its original means.

Photos from DesignBloom.