Loads of flag motifs at Project, Workroom, and MAGIC fashion trade shows.

When Project announced among many other interesting things debuting at the trade show in Las Vegas February 14-16, that they would be including an artistic collaboration featuring the classic cartoon Beetle Bailey, we were inspired to see a program that fit in well with several new trends within heritage fashion, including a more extreme, and re-interpreted form of Americana. It was a move that seemed ahead of the game and captured a humorous factor of American history, while bringing in elements that tap into several concepts that many exhibitors are featuring for their Fall 2011 collections.

Striver & Co. from Atlanta, Georgia among one of the buzz-worthy new brands from Project 10.

First, the Beetle Bailey area not only had features of the cartoon, but also interesting camo boots, collections of patches that are reminiscent of military accomplishments and scouting, plus military-green and appropriately ‘flauged jackets with various patterns and cartoon graphics.

There were also many global-inspired brands that also have taken to Americana, including the Japanese. One of the newer brands featured in Project 10 called Striver & Co., launched by the founder from PRPS, and based in Atlanta, Georgia, attracted significant buzz with their Japanese denim collection and re-interpreted camo and military-inspired jackets, tops, pants, accessories, and even high-end boots and backpacks. The designs feature what look like classic military uniforms, but each piece has been re-purposed and ironically changed to match a modern aesthetic.

Part of the Beetle Bailey homage at Project capturing attention at the show.

Nostalgia was clearly a theme–whether you actually lived through a specific era, or re-found it via vintage stores and new media methods. Wool sweaters with collar patterns from Gant, mixed with courderoy bright-colored mini-skirts and leggings were examples of a more modern sense of heritage and Americana. Native American prints mixed with flannel and accessories such as patches also added to the concept of taking a new look at tradition and bringing pride in culture to the forefront.

Stay tuned for more from the shows. More pictures below.

Drop pant camo-inspired pants, striped denim, Native American and Western-themed prints, and blue-collared button-downs from a unique display at Workroom.

Re-purposed camo-Army backpacks obviously highlights extreme Americana in terms of accessories.

War isn%uFFFDt cool, and not everyone wants to dress like they are in the military. Extreme example, but this booth display caught attention.

Part of the Beetle Bailey area.

Creative Recreation did a nice job of showcasing their various themes and they had 3 individual concepts that were set up like an artistic display. Their Fall 2011 themes center actually around Russia, but here, you can see their concepts for footwear that are miliary-inspired (no matter the country), plus accessories.

More from Beetle Bailey homage.

Front entrance to Proejct with their black painted tractor. Farming themes, rural, country, and outdoors among the Americana aspects to this show. Of course, denim fits in well.

Camo sneaker/boot hightops.

Tripp NYC in MAGIC Street showcased some cool black camo tight denim which brings an element of Goth to Americana.

Patches from the Beetle Bailey area, but patches in general, reminscent of Scouting, are trending.

Wicker mannequin and flag with rope. Cross of Americana, sailing, farming.

This was not at the fashion trade shows, but rather at the Hard Rock Hotel. Shaun White%uFFFDs Rolling Stone cover shot flag denim after winning Olympic gold.