U2’s new single released last week, “Get on Your Boots!” from their upcoming album to be released in March could also describe the theme of upcoming trends in footwear, which is all about boots -thigh-high, ankle-high, and cowboy.

The boot craze was on the periphery in the summer of 2008, especially as seen at festivals among fashionistas sporting cowboy boots with sundresses and ankle boots with short shorts. However with the upcoming season’s short denim skirts and tights, sundresses, and military motifs based on recession-era/war-era economics, as U2’s lyrics describe, the times are all about picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and getting on your boots. In addition, boots are now being worn with military-styled capris and jackets, as boots are paired with many different combinations, even flannel pajamas.

At the Action Sports Retailer (ASR) Fashion runway show, models sporting boots with a variety of different colored socks peaking out over the top and leg-warmers, provided a new mood when coupled with boots, particularly ankle boots which are quite popular among young women.

Here’s a quick round-up of latest trends in boots for Summer 2009.

Boos made of recycled plastic bags