All photos by Tom Wallace Hellz denim boyfriend shorts were a major hit at Project

Over the past 3 years, Label Networks and our sister site TheLabelLab (for the Business of Street Fashion) has done several stories on a fast-rising star, Hellz -A Crime for all Seasons. One reason is because designer/owner Lanie Alabanza-Barcena, with her wide range of streetwear fashion experience, has an eye for what works in the complex crossover world of women’s street and contemporary fashion. Often, Lanie comes up with various themes and builds out from there, and always, her designs have a street-savvy sensibility that maintains a sexy silhouette with leading-edge style and just a bit of boy-streetwear influence. For example, she was one of the first to modernize and shape the varsity jacket for women. This time, she’s taken a wider-legged denim jean and made boyfriend jeans and denim shorts incredibly cute and fashion-forward.

Hellz polka dot button-down top with a front zipper and mixed-fabrics pants–a showstopper outfit and media darling

At Project last month, the Hellz booth was constantly full with buyers’ appointments and fans of the brand. They’ve tapped into what still remains a fairly open market opportunity which is women’s street/contemporary fashion, but it’s a category that takes a sensitive balance. For the Fall/Winter 09/10 collection, Lanie’s inspirations included a variety of prints and motifs, ranging from tiny polka dots in classy button-downs, to Native American Indian patterns with an orange tint in denim shorts, tops, and dresses. In addition, several pieces kept with a strong ’80’s sensibility, part Flash Dance in oversized pullover jackets and workout gear-type apparel. One of the most interesting pieces was the jumpsuit in a cotton nylon, representing a Mad Max aura mixed with the European low-crotch trends.

Here’s a sneak peak at some highlight pieces, however this is by no means all that Hellz has to offer for next season. And quite frankly, you should check out what they have on hand now for Spring/Summer.

For more stories on Hellz from Label Networks, search on keyword “Hellz” or go to Label Networks TV for a live interview with Lanie at and search on Hellz.

Cute black and red checkered top with boyfriend denim jeans mark a popular trend for Fall/Winter from Hellz

Hellz fun T-shirt collection has some provocative designs and capture the spirit of street-savvy girls

Hellz grey, purple, and orange dress or long shirt was a media highlight. But it was the mix of style and the Native American patterns that also captured the fashion industry%uFFFDs attention.

Hellz Native American Indian prints on denim boyfriend shorts

Black cotton nylon oversized jackets for a nod to the %uFFFD80s

Here%uFFFDs the dress in black which makes the orange patterns really pop. A fave among buyers

Hellz cotton satin one-piece was hot. Inside pocket prints that fold out and snap-up front made it a key feature in their new collection. Note the lower crotch which has a taste of the European influence.

%uFFFD80%uFFFDs icons, comics in graphics and sharp angle designs provide an edge to the T-shirt and mixed graphics tights combo.

Hellz windbreaker takes some men%uFFFDs streetwear inspiration and then re-imagines the concept into a unique jacket. Similar to many pieces in this collection is the mixed use of different fabrics such as mesh, cotton, nylon, satin and bits of %uFFFD80%uFFFDs and early %uFFFD90%uFFFDs brightness like the yellow piping.

Check out what%uFFFDs inside the sunglasses on the girl–tribute pics of Yoko Ono and John Lennon. The attention to details, themes, and stories make Hellz very interesting to always come back to.