Photo from Label Networks at Capsule show in 2010. Comune quickly became the location to hang-out at based on a reflection of their rockabilly-inspired denim and shirt designs, jackets, curious buyers, and generally cool people who work there.

On Friday, June 17, 2011, Comune’s VP of Marketing Julie Shumaker posted a letter to manufacturers, industry players, and marketers that quickly circulated to streetwear fashion media. After three successful years that the burgeoning brand had created, overnight an investor came in and according to Shumaker, “did a hostile takeover of our brand in which contributors were asked to be fired, employees were fired, and the distribution model was going to change.”

Those who have left the company abruptly, either by getting fired or quitting included co-founder and President Frank Delgadillo, and 9 other top people including designers and marketers. Shumaker said her in letter, “Comune was never designed to be a mass-market brand.”

However it appears that its partner, Komex International Inc. had different intentions. Komen brought in a new sales team and apparently cut their skateboarding team completely. Given the roots of the brand in and around skateboarding, this became the final straw for the brand’s top officers.

Supposedly, Delgadillo will be starting a new project in the future, but all other news is including comments from Komex are unavailable until next week.

Comune was a brand we always checked-out when they exhibited at shows such as Capsule. Comune is known for simple, high-end designs in denim, button-down shirts, graphic T-shirts, with an extremely loyal fanbase. It’s sold in stores such as American Rag and Pacific Sunwear.

Delgadillo, for those who may remember, was also the founder of Ambiguous Clothing back in the mid-90’s which he later left as the company shifted in its direction.