John Varvatos collaboration with Converse. We took this shot at Project Fashion Trade Show in 2009.

John Varvatos comes up in youth culture fashion not only for his reputation for creating rock-influenced designs, and his cool collaboration with Converse, but because his collections are one of the most unique and independent within the range of brands in the VF Corp fold, including Wrangler, Lee, Vans, The North Face, and Nautica.

Rumors via the New York Post have suggested that Varvatos is hoping to ditch the VF Corp umbrella and come out from under on his own. Supposedly, Varvatos is in talks with many potential buyers for his brand which is estimated at bringing in around $60 million a year.

John Varvatos, more of an individual kind of designer and not quite the VF Corp type of team vs. independent.

Many say that Varvatos never really fit into the VF Corp fold anyway, but it happened when the conglomerate bought out Nautica in 2003, which at the time also owned Varvatos.

Varvatos latest shows have been edgy and unique, starting with a show at what used to be CBGB’s during New York Fashion Week, and another breathtaking show during Paris Fashion Week.