Label Networks to Present at MAGIC: Youth Culture Fashion Lifestyle Trends: Influences from Music, Sports, Streets, Technology

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As a heads-up, our presentations tend to attract scores of people, fast and once the 300-capacity conference room fills-up, MAGIC adminstrators shut the doors.

We are doing the same presentation, but twice:
August 22 at 4-5 p.m., Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas
August 23, 2011 2-3 p.m. LVCC

Check the trade show directory for the room assignments for the presentations

Here’s this year’s presentation theme:
Many changes have taken place in street and youth culture fashion trends since the recession of 2008. Today’s street-savvy youth market has reacted in their typical DIY fashion, but now, crossing even more subcultures, eras, and influences into the mix. to re-define not only trends in fashion, but also how technology, sports, music, the economy, spending patterns, environment, and urban centers determine the make-up of what’s important to one’s sense of personal lifestyle.

Backed by authentic street-level knowledge with fresh angles and inspiration derived from Label Networks’ primary consumer data gathered from thousands of interviews with 13-30-year-olds, plus cutting-edge photography, the MAGIC Fall Presentation reaches beyond fashion to lifestyle influences that determine trends, how this has changed among a new generation of tech-savvy youth, and what to expect in the future. Key topics covered include youth street fashion trends emerging from the most influential landscapes: technology internet, music, sports, street and graffiti art influences, and global DIY aesthetics, with specifics on T-shirt graphics, denim directions, accessories, sneaker culture, collaborations, key retailers, and merch. Label Networks presentation is intended for those seeking insight from a new angle -from the lifestyle perspectives from the marketplace itself.

About the Speaker:
Kathleen Gasperini is internationally acclaimed as an industry leader when it comes to global youth culture marketing, research, and branding strategies. She is the co-founder of Label Networks, the leader in delivering global youth culture intelligence and news from the heart of opinionated youth environments. Based on 17 years experience from running grassroots to global events and campaigns, branding, and visionary marketing and writing, her work and that of Label Networks has appeared in the New York Times, BrandWeek, Advertising Age, Yahoo! Financial News, the AP, Philadelphia Inquirer, St. Petersburg Times, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Sports Illustrates, Red Nova, Elle, Vogue, Spin, Vibe, Bread & Butter Bulletin Magazine, Transworld Publications’ Surfing, Skateboarding, and Snowboarding, among others.

In 2000, she helped co-found Label Networks to bridge the gap between corporations trying to access the youth marketplace and the lack of useful information needed about the fast-changing landscape. Label Networks began by creating new methods to gain constantly fresh data about the global youth marketplace accurately and quickly. By collaborating efforts with youth culture experts, including writers, marketers, and technology based research developers, Label Networks digitally measures pinpoint consumer preferences in face-to-face interviews which is then delivered quickly to subscribers. A smart combination of science, experience, passion, and intuition are what backs Label Networks’ forecasting and intelligence news used in their branding strategies.

Formerly, Kathleen worked among leading youth culture magazine titles, including positions as the Senior Editor of Powder and Snowboarder Magazines under Surfer Publications, and the editor of Women%uFFFDs Sports & Fitness. She was the technical writer for the IMAX movie “Extreme,” and is the co-founder of the non-profit youth-focused foundation, Boarding for Breast Cancer, for which she received a Humanitarian Award from Snow Sports Industries of America. Kathleen was the publisher of the original, music, fashion, sports, and youth lifestyle magazine, W.i.g. Magazine–for Women in General, and has been published by Harper Collins for her book “Pretty Good for a Girl -the Autobiography of Tina Basich, a Snowboarding Pioneer.”

Traveling extensively to various leading-edge youth markets, Kathleen is also the primary speaker representing Label Networks’ Global Youth Culture Intelligence, working with brands, agencies, designers, and thought-leaders regarding trend forecasting from youth markets across North America, Europe, Mexico, Japan, and China. Kathleen is a graduate of St. Lawrence University and the University of Nairobi with a B.A. in Economics and Emerging Cultural Studies. She is fluent in Swahili.

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