Inside Mishka’s store in Echo Park featuring great artwork, chandelier, clean racks, and great lighting.

Mishka, one of the more core street fashion brands based out of Brooklyn, made a huge debut in Los Angeles last February 20, 2010, with its store opening in another story-worthy location, the burgeoning scene in Echo Park near downtown. Greg Rivera, the owner of Mishka said he was looking into opening in LA, possibly before Christmas, but that this location just completely fits what the brand is all about.

For those who haven’t been keeping up on our Mishka mentions in various fashion reports, this brand, with the Russian name (for which I do not have the font for, thus am spelling it the English way) that means bear, is a brand that’s unique in many ways. First, it’s urban but in a Japanese/New York kind of urban, and the brand has a diverse cult following, including film buffs (horror films are an inspiration to Mishka), and dub and bass DJ’s. As a matter of fact, Mishka is as tied to the music scene in it’s hometown as it is to streetwear, which inspires the brand and the musicians they work with.

Greg Rivera looking all scary like his horror-inspired toys and some graphics, not to mention their bloody eyeball logo.

The store is a gleaming warehouse style floorspace with typical downtown LA loft concrete, plus black shelving, and very cool lighting, including an amazing chandelier created by artist Adam Wallacavage. Mishka’s LA store carries Japanese selvedged denim, which Greg says they are expanding in the near future, hoodies with their signature bloody eyeball patch, T-shirts with bright graphics mixed with retro-themed T’s, flannel, and upper-streetwear style button downs.

They also carry bags, backpacks with the eyeball patch, and a massive selection of toys. Actually, when we first met Greg, it was at a small trade show that is now defunct, but he had an enormous wall of “Mr. T’s” from his own collection as an art exhibit at the show. The guy seriously knows his urban vinyl. He even introduced a few pieces at Comicon last fall.

Amazing chandelier created by artist Adam Wallacavage.

Mishka is one of those brands that stand out in other ways, for example, they opted not to show at S.L.A.T.E. earlier this month and instead showcased at Capsule in the Venetian. When we went by, their booth was packed, as usual, indicating that retailers who know them, will find them wherever they are. Just like their customers.

Which brings us to the store’s location. In the last 6 months, Echo Park, which is the closest area to downtown but in-between Silverlake, has been generating a lot of buzz as the new, cool destination. It’s not Melrose, but in many ways, Melrose (like Robertson) is becoming a ghost town, whereas this area of Echo Park is on the rise out of the ashes of hard times. Mishka’s store near the very end of Sunset Blvd. on Echo Park Blvd. near Morton has several cute boutiques, vintage clothing, a chop shop barber shop, and of course tacoquerias.

Overall, Mishka’s opening event was a success as indicated by the crowd of people squeezing in to buy something or at the least, take a look around. Parked in front was a food truck, appropriately the Mandoline Grill serving up Vietnamese cheap-eats, which rounded out the atmosphere for an original store opening.

Mishka’s LA store is located at 1547 Echo Park Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027.

Part of the Mishka toy collection (although I don’t think these are for sale, but they do have others in a glass case–original pieces by Mishka). Mishka also carries J.P. Elliot, Dennis Chow caps, and a few other key brands to round-out the store.

Purple neon lighting shot from the front of the store showcases the backpacks which are also a Mishka staple.

These toys are stuffed in the check-out counter area. We anticipate Mishka’s Echo Park store will also be an attractive hang-out over Halloween.