Culture jamming at the top of its game, this little nugget of inspiration was first brought to our attention via our favorite street and graffiti art site, Wooster Collective.

Is the economy is getting you down? In healthymanviagra need of a fun idea? Jake Bronstein came up with a solution. He bought an old toy vending machine off the internet and filled tons of toy capsules with ideas of what he thought may be fun things to do around New York. For 50 cents, you get your fun idea capsule, which includes a mini map to get you to your location. Bronstein moves his idea vending machine all around New York, so you never know where it’s going to pop-up next.

The funny thing is that each idea comes with a quarter refund in the toy capsule. His machine wouldn’t let him charge less than 50 cents. Now that’s an economic stimulus package.