Shepard Fairey for YouTube Curated for MOCAtv.

MOCAtv from the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, continues to pump-out creative video vignettes featuring unique angles on topics discussed among leading-edge artists for the some time now. Their latest features Shepard Fairey as he discusses in less than 2 and a half minutes, how he was inspired by an old-school Bell Logo marketing campaign, Blondie and George Clinton retro videos, old-school graphics, and of course, getting lost down the YouTube rabbit hole.

Always inspired by graphics, design, and logos, Fairey, who’s looking a little older these days with graying hair, brings to the forefront a modern approach about discovering and viewing retro campaigns and the mash-up of original music videos from a previous timeframe towards inspiring something new.

The results can be a unique sense of business and cultural identity that borrows from the past and is repurposed for the future.

Check it out courtesy of MOCAtv.