Actor Josh Wills plays Shepard Fairey.

Similar to The Social Network movie about the origins of Facebook, 21-year-old film director Julian Marshall is creating a short film about the origins of Obey and Shepard Fairey back when he went to school at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).  Based on the trailer, the film looks promising and is now on kickstarter with the hopes to generate more funding for post-production work and funds needed to enter various film festivals.

The film, authorized by Shepard, traces his story back at RISD when he was in an illustration class titled Style and Substance, and his historic assignment that would establish his legacy in Providence. Each student in the class was given a fortune cookie and tasked with illustrating his or her respective fortune. Shepard’s read “To affect the quality of the day is no small achievement.”

He decided to past his Andre the Giant poster over the face of the then notorious Mayor of Providence, Buddy Cianci, on his re-election billboard. The story unfolds from there, as Shepard Fairey’s legacy of street art as protest and freedom of expression continues on an unprecedented journey.

Check it out here.

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